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Free Installation will be Provided Above 7000 Rupees Orders, Below 7000 Rupees if Installation Required 250 rupees will Be charged at installation Time.

To Fit A blind on your own, Follow the Instructions Below,


Before installing a Blind, first check all the Fitting Components that are available in the package as per the list given below

Fitting Components:

  • 2 End Brackets 
  • Control Unit  
  • 4 Nos Screws & 4 Nos Rawl PVC Plug
  • L -Clamp (Only for Evo System)

Fitting Hardware:

  • Metal tape measure
  • Drill 
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver 
  • Drill bit (6 mm)
  • Stepladder

Note: Fitting hardware will NOT be available in the package.


For Classic Model Blinds:


  • Mount your brackets as desired. Remember that you need clearance space with the wall fix method.
    • Top Fix
    • Wall Fix

What is Top Fix & Wall Fix:

Top Fix:

Top Fix blinds will be Exact fit blinds which we need to fit a blind inside a window. Measure the blind size which needs to match with window size.Using Pencil to mark the place for hole using drill and place the brackets with screw it as same on both sides.

Wall Fix:

The roller blind will be raised above the bracket. Please make sure you have enough space for your blind to fit when installing close to the ceiling. Using Pencil to mark the place for hole using drill and place the brackets with screw it as same on both sides.


Fitting a Blind

​​When the brackets have been fitted to the window area, holding the fully-wound blind, locate the ‘pin’ (the end of the blind opposite to the controls) into the bracket first. Then fix the control end into the opposite bracket. The locating hook should point downwards and locate into the cross section of the bracket, hooking in place.

For Evo Model Blinds

  • Evo Model Blinds have 2 L Clamps. We need to choose where we need to fix the clamp whether inside a window or Outside a Window (Depending on the Exact or Recess Measurement).
  • Place L Clamp on Top or Wall Fix and mark the place with pencil and Drill the marked area, Using a screw Place the clamps on the desired area.
  • When Clamps are fixed to the window area, Insert the blind into the L clamp.