Sandcastle Balcony PVC Blinds

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Balcony PVC blinds are installed on the outside of your window or patio to partially block the sun’s rays before they reach your interior, keeping the room cool and significantly lowering air-conditioning costs. It is far more effective than interior shading products such as interior blinds or residential window tinting and glass film at reducing heat. PVC outdoor blinds provide daytime privacy while still allowing light to pass through.

PVC Blinds are long Lasting in Humidity, Rain. These Blinds are perfectly placed in many places like Sea Facing Resorts, Open Restaurants with Top Roofs. The mechanism will be simple also available in Single Line and Double-Line Threading.

Outdoor Balcony Blinds PVC will have a maximum width of 6feet and  Height will be 9feet. If more than 6feet, the width will be split up more with the sizes

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